Atom BOOM Solid Core Hybrid Wheels


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The Atom BOOM Solid Core wheel provides grip with a controlled slide and is the fastest hybrid ever made-- guaranteed! The perfect wheel for cement, asphalt, sport court and many wood surfaces, you will want a set of BOOM wheels in your skate bag! The Boom family of wheels from Atom are our go-to wheel for a variety of conditions. Great wheels at a great price. We recommend these in the $80 price range.


  • Three hardnesses available
    • FIRM (similar to 88A-91A): Pink Hub
    • XFIRM (similar to 92A-95A): Orange Hub
    • XXFirm (similar to 96A-97A): Red Hub (we recommend XXFirm for concrete skateparks)
  • Available in 38mm x 59mm
  • Price shown is for a set of 4 wheels. Please order two sets for a full set of 8 wheels