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Medusa Roller Skate Straps wrap around the top of your skate boot and plates either in between the king pin and pivot or around the back of the plates to keep your heel/feet from slipping around inside your skates. Keeping your heel snug inside your skate decreases slippage, foot cramping and blisters and improves comfort and agility. These 1'' vinyl webbing straps decrease the need to use specialized lacing techniques or two laces to adjust the fit of your skates. If your skates are well worn in around the ankle, you experience toe cramping or numbness, or you find yourself adjusting your laces mid practice, these straps are a total game-changer. Straps are sold in pairs.

These straps are handmade here in Austin, TX specifically for our shop!

XSmall: circumference range is 14-15 inches

Small: circumference range is 16-17 inches
Medium: circumference range is 18-19 inches
Large: circumference range is 20-21 inches

* Most common sizes are small and medium. Sizing may vary based on your boot plate, so for best results, please check out the illustration of how these go around your skates and measure them out.

Note: Sizing may vary based on the type of plate and boot you have. For best results, please check out the photo of how these go around your skates and measure them out on your own skate setup. If you have any questions about sizing, call Medusa Skates at (512) 203-7203 or email We're happy to help!