Radar Morph Dual Durometer Wheels

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The Morph wheel by Radar is the most innovative and dynamically technical wheel in derby today. With the constant need to juke, plow, pivot, and sprint, the Morph allows you to dial in the perfect mix of grip and speed, on the exact parts of the wheel where you need it most. The softer outside band grips the floor to give you the traction you need for power in every stride and control in every stop, while the harder center keeps your speed fast. The Morph wheel takes the concept of the pusher set to the next level, splitting the hardnesses down to the individual wheel for better precision and control. Combine two different Morph sets for personalized perfection.

  • Size: 59mm x 38mm
  • Wheel Type: Performance, Indoor
  • Edge: Straight Cut (no lip)
  • Durometers: Each wheel has a split hardness, with the softer compound on the outside of the wheel
    • 84A/88A - Pink/Orange - Green Hub
    • 88A/91A - Orange/Yellow - Pink Hub
    • 88A/93A - Orange/Blue - Purple Hub
    • 91A/95A - Yellow/Melon - Blue Hub
    • 93A/97A - Blue/Green - Yellow Hub
    • 95a/99a- Purple/Yellow- Orange Hub
  • Price shown is for a set of 4 wheels