Roll-Line Metric Hockey Toe Stops

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Roll-Line Ambra Hockey Toe Stops are 100% natural rubber and pre-cut out of the box to have a large, flat footprint that is angled for maximum contact patch once installed. The natural rubber ensures that the Ambra is grippy, responsive, and rebounds extremely well and has a consistent, smooth feel on any surface. The large footprint is pre-cut and angled for maximum contact. 

  • Shape
    • Profile: Flat
    • Face: Round w/ Cutouts
  • Footprint: Small - Medium - Large
    • Metric: 62mm 
  • Stem Length:
    • Metric: 28mm
  • Density: Soft - Moderate - Hard



*Metric threads will fit Roll-Line plates only. Most other plates, ex. PowerDyne, Sure-Grip, Pilot, are US threads and will not fit the METRIC stoppers