About Us




Medusa Skates was formed in 2011 in Austin, Texas. The shop was born out of Glitterotica "Glitter's" love of roller skating and the roller skating community. Glitter was a roller derby player from 2006-2016 for TXRD- Austin's Banked Track Roller Derby. She played for the team the Hellcats for 10 years and also skated with the home team- The All-Scar Army. She continues to skate on Austin trails, her neighborhood or from time to time at the local skateparks. 


Glitter: Owner (she/her)


Medusa Skates is a true passion for Glitter and her Medusa Skates team. The shop is in Northwest Austin and is a jammed packed, vibrant skate shop with roller skates, protective gear, tons of fun socks and accessories. The shop has a store cat (when its not Covid) and employs local roller skaters to best help customers. In August 2022, the shop will be 10 years old! We feel very fortunate to the locals plus the Texans and all the wonderful visitors from all over the world as well as online customers who have supported our shop. 






Rugrat: Manager (they/them)

Rugrat joined the Medusa Team in 2019 and has brought loads of skating experience and customer service. They skate for Rockin' City Roller Derby in Round Rock, Texas. Lately (due to Covid) they skate a lot in their kitchen, around their neighborhood and they frequent Brushy Creek Trail on Sunday mornings. They skate in some eye candy custom Riedell Colorlab Solaris with Arius plates. Other than their time at Medusa Skates, they like to read and practice photography. 





Buffy Basher: Skate Wizard (she/her)

Buffy has been skating quads since September 2014, beginning in TXRD’s Derby Academy and joining the league in 2015. She has been on Las Putas del Fuego since November 2015 and briefly skated WFTDA with Atlanta Roller Derby in 2018-2019. She started skating in parks in late 2019 and considers herself a Forever Beginner. Her current skate set-ups are custom Bonts with Arius plates for derby, Moxi Lollys with Avanti plates and Bigfoot Blocks for park skating, and Moonlight Rollers with Luminous wheels for dance and street skating.







Dexter: Shop Cat and security (he/him) 

Dexter showed up at Glitters house in 2011 as a little, stinky abandoned kitten. He was brought to the shop to find him a home. 10 years later--- he loves to cuddle with customers and lay around in skate boxes. He is home during Covid but will be back after the pandemic.



Ritz: Skate maker extraordinaire and problem solver (he/him)

Ritz is our wonderful skate creator. He makes custom shoes skates and all our custom roller skates. He is a retired City of Austin police officer. In his retirement, he does just about everything- bee keeping, gardening, wood working, yoga, motorcycles and of course, makes and fixes skates for Medusa Skates.