Rollerbones Turbo Wheels (8-Pack, 62mm)

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RollerBones Turbo wheels feature an extruded aluminum hub and are available in five different hardness choices so as to allow you to choose the perfect wheel for the perfect skating surface. 

With a slim profile of 62mm x 38mm you'll experience enhanced maneuverability while maintaining speed and grip! Excellent for recreational skating, speed skating and derby skating. Experience superior roll and speed from the best wheel on the planet.

Sold as a pack of 8. Bearings not included. 

Durometers: 92a, 94a, 97a, & 101a

Aluminum hub wheels can be difficult to install bearings. We recommend using a full size bearing press or selecting bearing installation.


*NOTE* These wheels are not always kept in stock, expect extra time for order fulfilment.