Atom Poison Hybrid Derby Wheels

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The Atom Poisons are one of the best-selling wheels here at the shop. Poisons are extremely versatile and great on nearly every surface including outdoor derby tracks, slick indoor sport courts, banked tracks and dirty wood or concrete floors. With Atom's exclusive urethane, skaters will get none of that slow, marshmallow-y feeling while skating, as is felt in other hybrid wheels. Poisons continue to be a much-loved wheel for derby.

Atom Poison Hybrid Wheel Features:

  • 84A
  • Choose from 2 sizes:
    • 38mm x 62mm: Slim and tall for maximum agilty and maintaining top speed 
    • 44mm x 62mm: Wide and tall for maximum stability and grip, but slightly less agility and top speed
  • Choose green or pink
  • Price shown is for a set of 4 wheels (please order 2 sets of 4 wheels for a complete set)