Bionic Super Stoppers

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Bionic Super Stoppers are appropriate for today's high-performance roller sports and the demanding skater. Perfect for all skating surfaces, Bionic Super Stoppers have a large footprint (45mm) for maximizing grip, stability and agility. Standard length (short length is discontinued--Gumballs still make a short stem)

We particulary like these for outdoor skating!


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    My kids and I love these for many styles.

    Posted by Anna on 3rd Aug 2021

    I got these for my middle school age kids initially because they basically eat toe stops. I'd been using Gumballs on all our skates but tried these when Gumballs were sold out. I like them better. Size-wise, they're fairly similar, but so far, a few weeks in with daily skating, they seem more durable to me. We do a lot of trail skating (Veloway fans!), as well as park, rink, and in my case, derby skills, and we like these toe stops for all that stuff. Not sure I'd recommend them to artistic skaters because they're pretty big, but for the stuff we do, these toe stops are the business!