Bont Parkstar Roller Skate Boots

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The ParkStar. Style, Performance and Comfort all in one roller skate park boot.

This roller skate boot combines these three elements at an affordable price. The Bont ParkStar Skate Park Boot takes the best of Bont innovation and turns it into a roller skate boot. Designed for Park Skating, Bowl Skating, Recreational Skating, and Street Skating.

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Boot Features:
  • Base: Fiberglass
  • Outer skin: Suede or Vegan 'Suede'
  • Liner: Suede or Vegan 'Suede'
  • Heel rise: 23mm internal hand formed
  • Boot height: High ankle for added support
  • Boot thickness: 1.4mm
  • Heat moldable: Fully heat moldable base utilizing epoxy thermoset resin
  • Padding: Memory foam
  • Size options: 3-13 whole and half sizes

Not sure what your Bont size is?

Click here to be taken to Bont's Sizing chart to figure out what your perfect size is!
IMPORTANT: The Bont Parkstar boot runs a little big so you will need to subtract 5mm from your measurements and then confirm the Bont boot size our size chart gives you. 

We have found that they tend to run .5-1 size down from men's sneakers and 2.5-3 sizes down from women's sneakers.