Bulk Discount: Six S1 Lifer Helmets, Same Color

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Be the hero of your roller derby team! Get 20% off S1 Lifer Helmets when you order 6 of the same color/graphic! Pay one shipping fee of $6.99. 

  • Standard Colors (Gloss or Matte)
    • WAS $79.99 each NOW $63.99 each
  • Stripes & Checkers
    • WAS $81.99 NOW $65.59
  • Graphics  
    • WAS $84.99, NOW $67.99 each
  • Glitter or Mirror, Select Graphics
    • WAS $89.99, NOW $71.99 each

To place your order:

  1. Pick ONE color of S1 Lifer shell Helmets for your team or group. Orders will not be processed if more than one color is selected.
  2. Find out everyones sizes. The outer helmet shells are the same size, sizing is based on the thickness of the inner liner. Measure your head and use the size chart to determine your size, or if you already have an S1 Lifer, check the color of the inside liner (grey, red, tan, black, lime green, cyan or purple). You can also request the additional fit kit, which comes with 7 different sizing liners and 2 top pads (+$18).
  3. Submit your sizes via the comments section at checkout. 

Measuring your head for a helmet is important to make sure you get the right fit. It is easiest to do this with a soft measuring tape but if you do not have one you can use a string or a cell phone charging cable and then measure that against a ruler or hard measuring tape. Wrap the measuring tape, starting in the middle of your forehead and just above your eye brows, then around your head above your ears and back around your head to the middle of your forehead where you started. Measure your head where your hat would normally sit or where you would imagine the helmet to fit on your head just above your eye brows. 

*In quantities of 6. One payment taken. Ships as one package. Please allow extra time in case we do not have tons of one specific color in stock. Please contact us for any questions or concerns. 

No addtional coupons or discounts apply to BULK Orders