Moxi Jack 1, Size 8 White Vegan - Boot Only

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Moxi Jack 1 Vegan White Boot Only, Size 8, Original Lining.

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The Moxi Jack combines classic roller skate design with modern materials and features to create a high-performance boot designed to withstand the stresses of ramp, park and aggressive street skating.  Rich suede uppers are backed throughout for additional support in all directions.  Ankle padding and a soft, genuine Shearling tongue lining make the Jack as comfortable as it is strong, and a lace bar stabilizer helps prevent unwanted tongue rotation while skating.  Thoughtful touches such as solid metal lace hooks, durable laces, and a unique backstay design featuring the signature Moxi “M” round out the Jack and ensure that no detail is overlooked.  Stiffer and more supportive than the Lolly, approximately 10 hours of break-in time is recommended to form the Jack to the shape and contours of your movements.


  • Reinforced double split suede upper
  • Moxi leopard print Dri-Lex™ lining
  • PVC unit outsole and heel
  • Genuine Shearling tongue lining
  • Unique Moxi “M” backstay
  • Nylon webbing loop for easier holding/carrying
  • Anti-rotational lace bar stabilizer
  • Ankle padding
  • Triple reinforced eyestay
  • Metal lace hooks
  • Textured polyester laces (90-in)

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