Radar Energy Outdoor Wheels (78A, 57mm, 4-Pack)

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The Radar Energy is the best outdoor wheel on the market. The Energy features the finest high-rebound urethane available to glide smooth and fast over rough surfaces and small debris. Its high tensile strength makes it durable and long-lasting. Energy 57 wheels are fast, durable, lightweight and ideal for any outdoor surface.

  • 57mm x 31mm
  • 78A

Sold in packs of 4. Please purchase 2 packs for a full set. 

Also available in 62mm and 65mm

As a general guide, larger wheels (65mm) are better for distance cruising with infrequent stops. Smaller wheels (57mm) are more agile and better for obstacles or street skating but are more work on long-distance stints. 62mm wheels blend the benefits of both and would be advisable if you do all types of outdoor skating!