Riedell Leather Toe Caps

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Stop! Put down that duct tape! Let other people tape up the toes of their skates, leaving behind a mess of glue and shredded tape. If you are serious about protecting your skates, look no further than the Riedell Toe Caps. These leather toe caps have been designed to stay securely in place and to offer protection on the part of your boot where you need it most. Built from a rugged, one-piece construction and finished with actual eyelets that won't damage laces even when pulled very tight, Riedell toe caps provide the very best protection for your skate boot.

The Toe Caps come in one standard size that will fit most skate boots and are sold in pairs. These attach to your boot using the toe stop and eyelets, so these won't work on boots with lace covers.

Want even more protection? Try the even more protective Riedell Pro Fit Toecaps