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The Sure-Grip Avenger Magnesium plate was created in response to the demand for stronger and lighter products for speed skating and roller derby. Every inch of the Avenger Mag was designed to have a purpose- thickness, heights, lengths, angles, and material- all were chosen for their unique properties. The Avenger plate features some never before seen design elements, including a magnesium alloy that is 15% lighter than the Avenger Aluminum and DA45 degree trucks for amazing response.


  • Hollow kingpin: Specially-designed kingpin for this plate only. 30% lighter than a traditional kingpin using hardened prime grade steel.
  • Hollow center: Hollowed out center section to save weight. Sure-Grip also raised the height to increase the rigidity lengthwise.
  • Shortened front end: For those who want to get aggressive with their short forward mounts, they can now do so with plenty of room to spare and the plate will not hang over the front of your boot. The Avenger is optimized for the short forward set up but a standard mount is still possible.
  • Choose 8mm axles (standard) or 7mm axles.
  • Includes toe stops and Sure-Grip super cushions.
  • Plates are sold in pairs.

Note: 7mm axles may not be in stock and may require additional time to ship.

**Not all sizes stocked and may require extra shipping time. Please contact us to ensure stock on a certain size.**


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