TSG Roller Derby 3.0 Elbow Pads

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The Roller Derby 3.0 Elbowpad is a revolution in derby-specific armour, featuring a stitched, high-density PE cap for maximum protection and features TSG's famous snag-free double-layer Velcro 360 degree strap closure. This ergonomic pad has an easy to wear slip-on construction that is secured by top and bottom blind closure Velcro straps to avoid snagging on other players. Its pre-shaped, internal multi-layer EVA foam provides surround cushioning from slams and hard blocks, while the PE cap delivers added shock resistance and friction-free slide that won't trash derby tracks. Secure and strong the Roller Derby 3.0 Elbowpad delivers hard-core functionality and protection.


  • Hardshell construction
  • Multi-layer EVA foam on and around elbow
  • High-density PE elbow cap
  • Pre-Shaped Design
  • Strong Cordura fabric
  • Horseshoe shaped foam
  • Neoprene butterfly straps
  • Top/Bottom double-layer velcro 360-degree straps (covered Velcro endings)
  • Pull-over design
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