Riedell Solaris Super Pro Skate with Arius Plates

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Top 5 Medusa Skates favorite products!!! We stock approximately 20 pairs IN STOCK! If we dont have them, we will order them for you but most likely we have them in house. 


The Solaris Super Pro features the lightweight, high performance PowerDyne Arius Platinum Plate plate that is stronger, more stable, more powerful, more maneuverable, more durable and more efficient than any other plate available today. Radar Halo wheels installed with smooth-rolling KwiK Zenith bearings make world-class edgework achievable, while PowerDyne Jupiter toe stops provide stability and predictable bite needed for fast stops, quick starts and delicate balance.

The Riedell Solaris is a paragon of quality among quad skating boots. It’s the result of over 3 years of research and development and boasts new cutting-edge features that optimize user performance. The Solaris utilizes state-of-the-art Dynamic Response Outsole for enhanced strength, rigidity and dampening. The modern toe shape of the ContourFit last and the anatomical curved collar of the Solaris synergize to provide maximum comfort and range of motion. The boot makes use of an innovative strap design, the V-Lock, which securely holds the heel in place to eliminate slippage and ensure that nothing impedes your skating experience. Soft Kango-Tan leather uppers offer superior fit and comfort, while our perforated Strata microfiber lining with antimicrobial odor and moisture resistant treatments helps to secure the foot and provide longevity to the boot itself.  Last but not least, the Solaris features a Fox tongue design with dual density foam padding that helps to eliminate lace bite and tongue rotation.

Riedell Solaris Pro Features:

  • Boot: Solaris Black soft leather
  • Plate: PowerDyne Arius Platinum Plate
  • Wheels: Radar Halo or Upgrade to Alloy Hub Halos (more info on wheels below)
  • Bearings: KwiK Zenith
  • Toe Stop: PowerDyne Jupiter
  • Sizes: 3 ½ - 12 Full and Half sizes; ContourFit C/AA Width
    • Solaris boots typically fit 2.5 sizes down from a women's shoe size. The premium leather used will stretch, so the boots should fit very snug in the beginning. 

Hand Made in the U.S.A. by Riedell!


Standard Halos:

  • Size: 38 mm x 59 mm
  • Hub/Colors/Hardness: Halo Hub - Purple 84A, Orange 86A, Teal 88A, Yellow 91A, Pink 93A, Blue 95A, Green 97A, White 99A, Black 101A, and Gray 103A
  • Urethane: Dark Gray Neothane

Alloy (Aluminum Hub) Halos:

  • Recommneded Use: Derby, Jam, Dance, Speed
  • Size: 38 mm x 59 mm
  • Wheel Colors/Hardness: Yellow 91A, Red 93A, Teal 95A, Fuchsia 97A, Orange 99A
  • Hub Type: Halo Aluminum
  • Urethane: Neothane