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We can make your sneakers into roller skates but we HIGHLY recommend not doing this.
Skate boots are rigid, supportive and have hard soles that are necessary to make a great rollerskate.

However, we can still do it---if you must :)

Please note that you will need to mail or bring in the shoes. We highly recommend brand new shoes and adding on nylon insoles($30) which we will custom fit for you. You will also need skate plates ($99-$350), bearings ($30-$45), full set of wheels ($40-$150) and toestops ($13-$30). It is more cost effective to purchase a proper skate but we will make almost whatever you dream up.

Without a custom insole, the bolts are likely to pull through the shoe. We do not guarantee without the custom insole.

Professional-quality service includes plate mounting and hardware. Please allow 5-7 Medusa business days to complete as non-skate boots are much more difficult to make in to skates. (We are closed on Sundays/Mondays)

Custom-mounted sneaker skates for costumes or recreational purposes only. Unlike traditional roller skates, sneakers are not built to support roller skating and don't offer the support or durability needed for aggressive skating. These are not recommended for park skating and any damage done to the skates is at user risk.